2018 Workshops & Demonstrations

In the Lecture Hall...

Saturday, March 3 at 5:00 p.m.:  Bluebird Workshop (Lecture Hall) - Build Your Own Bluebird House to Take Home, learn about attracting bluebirds, and make food (suet balls and mealworms). Presented by Wild Birds Unlimited, $20 additional fee, space is limited to (25). Register online or at the door (if not sold out).

 In the Gardens...

Garden 4, Josiah Lockard:  "Tips for a more sustainable landscape”: water conservation, proper irrigation techniques, proper tree planting / mulching, and IPM. 


Garden 10c:  Cheekwood Estate and Gardens:  How to propagate by Cuttings, seed starting, the latest on Boxwood Blight and Emerald Ash Borer.


Garden 11:  Children’s Garden:  Adventure Science Center, Seed Bombs, Randall Connor, Chickens, Worms, Stories, Metro Children's Librarian - Please see Children's Activities for a full schedule.


Garden 12:  The Butterfly Farm in the City:  Attracting Butterflies, see native plants, caterpillars, Chrysalises, and newly emerging Butterflies, Edible Container Gardening, Seed Displays, Heirlooms & Diversity, Butterfly Coloring for kids and adults


Garden 16:  Central Tennessee Professional Florists Assoc.:  Flower Prep & Arranging, Plus flowers for sale!


Garden 18:  Nashville Bonsai:  Bonsai Care and Training


Garden 21:  Master Gardeners of Davidson County:  Soil Evaluation & Seed Bombs


Garden 24:  Metro Beautification:  Free Trees, Seeds, Composting

In the Vendor Marketplace...

Booth 123:  Metro Water Services:  Visit the mini-house that has gutters routed to a rain barrel and rain garden where kids can pour water on the roof and watch the water collect. Watch the water collect in these stormwater BMP's and let us explain to kids (and parents!) why we need to help mitigate stormwater and prevent pollution.  A full-size rain barrel will also be on display.

Booth 505:  Randall Connor will discuss Wild Weed Walks, seed bombs, moss paint, foraging, how to create soil (18 types) for gardens and containers, and guerrilla gardening.