2018 Participating Gardeners

Garden # 1 and #6    Todd Breyer, landscape architect; Steve Snoddy, landscape architect; Turner Simons, Master Gardener

Garden Title:    Color Jungle

Contact:            Todd Breyer      

Address:            Nashville, TN


Garden # 2          Nature’s Best Lawn and Landscape

Garden Title:      Urban Homestead – From Jungle to Oasis

Contact:               Jerry Trageser | Gavin Normandeau

Address:              7362 Nolensville Rd

                                Nolensville TN 37135


Description:        A living roof, vertical gardens and edible landscape celebrate form, function and fun. 

 Garden #3:  Natural Creations and Southern Native Landscape Design

Garden Title:  The Other Side of the Tracks           

Contact:  John Henderson, Natural Creations | Sarah Hollins, Southern Native    

Address:  3952 Stewarts LN           |  122 Stillhouse Rd

                    Nashville TN 37218      | Hendersonville TN 37075        


Description:  As cities develop, gardening overflows from decks and rooftops to vacant public spaces where beauty can be found.

Garden #4  Josiah Lockard & Associates and Middle Tennessee Lawns

Garden Title:  The Rose That Grew From Concrete            

Contact:  Josiah Lockard  | Andy Hazelton            

Address:  4559 Baton Rouge Dr  |

                   Hermitage TN 37076   |         

Phone:  Josiah Lockard: 
| Andy Hazelton: 

Description:  This garden blurs the lines between the built and natural environments by incorporating elements such as a reclaimed cinder block planter wall, a winding grass path, trees, shrubs, and other recycled materials.

 Garden #5          Gardens on Main

Garden Title:      Calm in the Jungle

Contact:               Jason Moles

Address:              Lebanon, TN


Description:        A peaceful retreat in the sprawling arms of the city. 

Garden #7           Ponds by David

Garden Title:      Fantastic Fountains

Contact:               David Wills

Address                P.O. Box 691

                               Mt. Juliet, TN 37122


Garden #8           Countryside Woodcraft

Garden Title:      Johnny's Urban Countryside

Contact:               Mark Yoder

Address:              1065 Cheek Rd, Cumberland Furnace TN               


Description:        A place to get away for a long rest out of the sun.  **Visit live baby chicks!**

Garden # 9          C Jackson Designs

Garden Title:      The Jungle Nook

Contact:               Cody Jackson    

Address:              Nashville area


Description:        Our garden demonstrates the ability to be creative with any garden or landscape while also serving multiple functions from growing plants to relaxing and entertaining.

Garden #10a      Flower Mart by Sunrise

Garden Title:      Front Door

Contact:              Tom Willmore

Address:              4503 Harding Pike, Nashville TN 37205


Garden #10b      Nashville Foodscapes

Garden Title:      Foodscape Uprising

Contact:               Jeremy Lekich

Address:              Ashland City, TN


Description:        Walk through space with a stone/cedar bed. Various fruit trees, mushroom logs, and fresh produce in garden beds on display.

Garden #10c       Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

Garden Title:      Cheekwood Grows

Contact:               Barbara Monroe  

Address:              1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville, 37205              


Garden #11         Lone Oak Farms and Peacescapes

Garden Title:      Children’s Garden:  Rootin’ Tootin’ Bamboo Shootin’

Contact:                Joe Willis, Lone Oak Farm | Paula Peace, Peacescapes                 


Description:        Activities throughout the weekend include tea parties, storytime in the garden, herbs, worms, Adventure Science Center, love bombing, mini-garden creation, and more! 

Garden # 12        Milkweed and Honey Farm and Farm in the City Community Garden

Garden Title:      Butterfly Farm in the City

Contact:               Monrita Tate  | Hemalatha Gokhale (Farm in the City)

Address:              3415 Melrose Dr. | 1211 Jo Johnston Ave

                              Clarksville, TN    | Nashville, TN 37203


Instagram:          @milkweedandhoneyfarm|  @nashvillegrows

Description:  This garden will introduce the multitude of benefits of a community garden in an urban setting. The Butterfly Farm in the City will let you observe the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. At the farm, see the chrysalises, harden exoskeletons formed by caterpillars, nectar sources, and a host plant. You may even catch the moment when a butterfly emerges. Visitors will see creative ways to plant pollinator gardens in small places. 

Garden # 13     Customized Landscaping & Specialty Consulting

Garden Title:   East-West Garden

Contact:            Latha Ponnappa

Cell phone:       

Garden # 14        Sumner County Master Gardeners

Garden Title:      Pollinator’s Paradise

Contact:               Chris Taylor       

Address:              437 Chickasaw Trail, Goodlettsville TN 37072


Garden # 15        New Earth Matters

Garden Title:      Urban Gardening Now and Then

Contact:               Sizwe Herring

Address:              1814 Lillian Street, Nashville TN 37206


Description:       Guerrilla gardening past to present. Vintage implements, composting, vertical gardening, solar collection, permaculture, conservation. 

Garden #16         Central Tennessee Professional Florists’ Association

Garden Title:      Flowers for the Jungle

Contact:              Michael Steakley  

Address:              4821 Trousdale Drive, Nashville TN 37220


Description:        Association members will sell live flowers to take home, and show you how to prep and arrange. 

Garden # 17        Orchid Society of Middle TN

Garden Title:      Urban Orchids

Contact:               Byron Dumas, president

Address:              1775 Theresa Dr., Clarksville TN 37043


Description:        Orchids from around the world grown locally and displayed for dramatic effect. This exhibit demonstrates that these orchids can be grown by local growers in urban environments.

Garden #18         Nashville Bonsai Society

Garden Title:      Nashville Bonsai

Contact:              Elieen Knox       

Description:  NBS will showcase a living art form that combines a deep understanding of art and science. A good “bone-si” will reveal its life’s journey.

Garden #19         Electric Flora

Garden Title:      Gorilla Grafted 

Contact:               Phillipe Chadwick and Nick Maynard    

Address:              2822 Dogwood Place, Nashville                                                       

Description:  Most stone fruits or Prunus can be grafted to the same tree, including ornamental flowering Prunus trees. In public spaces, this is known as Gorilla Grafting.

Garden # 20        Cumberland Herb Association

Garden Title:       Cocktail Thyme

Contact:                Lynne Harrell     

Description:      We hope that our garden brings a bit of whimsy to the show. Our Boho Bar has a lot of color with many ways to showcase plants no matter if they are herbs or flowers, vegetables or succulents.

Garden #21        Master Gardeners of Davidson County

Garden Title:      From Brownfield to Green Garden

Contact:               Barbara Drake or Mariwyn Evans

Address:              PO Box 41055, Nashville, TN 37204-1055


Description:        To a gardener, all land is full of life.  Even a deserted lot has the potential to bloom and thrive with love, hard work, and a little knowledge.  Transforming urban waste into a green glade is the theme of this year’s booth from the Davidson County Master Gardeners.  The dramatic booth shows the transformation of a trash heap into a thriving vegetable and flower garden.  You’ll have a chance to learn what makes good soil and how to test and supplement your plot for the best results.  The first 500 visitors will also receive free “seed bombs” to plant.  So whether your challenge is a vacant urban lot or a blank suburban yard, Master Gardeners are here to help.  Come and learn more about soil and how you can become a Master Gardener. 

Garden #22         Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville | Burlap and Bloom

Garden Title:      Tranquil Garden Lighting

Contact:               Bob Lyons | Charlie Nichols

Address:              2214 Dunn Ave, Suite B, Nashville TN 37211


Garden #23         Walden’s Puddle Wildlife Center of Greater Nashville

Garden Title:      Giving Wildlife a Second Chance

Contact:               Carolyn Pendarvis (education)


Description:        Visit with the live Animal Ambassadors of Walden’s Puddle.

Garden #24         Metro Beautification and Environment Commission/ Nashville Tree Advisory Committee

Garden Title:      Bring the Wild Woods Home

Contact:               Jennifer Smith

Address:              S. 5th Street, Nashville, TN


Description:       Free trees while supplies last!  We will be giving away:  Blackgum, Red Hickory, Rough Leaf Dogwood and Silky Dogwood and zinnia seed packets. Plus, register for the daily drawing for a composter!

Garden #25        Franklin Stone 

Garden Title:    The Stone Jungle

Address:            975 Downs Blvd, Franklin, TN 37064